By Salvatore Brizzi on

… continued from Part 2

And what of the traumas masterfully inflicted upon the collective unconscious? And here again I can only express my respect for the Dark Side and the ease with which they have managed to achieve these exceptional results by exploiting an overblown seasonal flu:

1) The faithful cannot take part in Easter Mass. This has never happened, not even in the 1300s with the “black plague”, not even at the time of the Spanish flu (1918) with tens of millions of deaths worldwide. Maybe on a conscious level you don’t care about Easter Mass, but I remind you that you are Westerners, Christians and baptised, and however ignorant you may be of psychology, I cannot believe that you cannot realise how much this event – as well as the sight of the pope praying in an empty square – negatively affects people’s unconscious.

2) The Olympics are not celebrated. It has only happened three times in history: Berlin 1916, Tokyo 1940 and London 1944, because of the two world wars. But the most serious thing is not even this, but the fact that it has been decided to hold them in 2021, an odd year, as if one year were worth the other, altering a ritual – every four years – that has lasted since Greek times. ‘Olympiad’ was in fact the term for the four-year period between one celebration and the next. This is a fact that deeply affects the collective unconscious, creating a clash, a vibrational interference that is certainly not good for people’s psychic balance. When you read “Tokyo Olympics 2021”, do you not perceive that violence has been done?

3) The faithful, instead of being buried, as their religious beliefs dictate, are cremated against their will. Moreover, to complete the work (a touch of professional evil), they are not given last rites.

This creates a lot of problems for the souls who pass into the astral world without being able to embrace their loved ones one last time (usually children and grandchildren, as most of them are elderly), being cremated instead of being buried, without last rites and without a dignified funeral. In the hours following death, a believer who leaves in this condition is struck by despair and needs help.

There are currently hundreds of “helpers” working to assist these souls in the afterlife. Know that you, too, can be part of this group, as long as before going to sleep you express your intention to be of service during the night.

Also, three days should pass between the time of death and cremation, to allow a complete detachment of the etheric body from the physical body.

When this does not happen, further problems occur once you pass over to the other side.

Making people “die badly” serves the Dark Side to create negative energies on the subtle planes as well, energies that trap the departed in uncomfortable conditions on the sub-planes of the astral plane.

These energies are then inevitably reflected in the psyche of those who are still on this side of the veil.

The sicker one is on that side of the veil, the sicker one is on this side… and vice versa. Hence the need for people to make themselves available to help in the astral world during the night. You do it too, before going to sleep say to yourself: “I place myself at the disposal of the masters so that my soul may be led to where it can be most useful. You will remember nothing when you wake up, but the work will have been done.

I wonder what good is a Church that merely repeats the recommendations of virologists, telling people to put on their masks and stay at home.

For goodness sake… many priests are doing a great deal of voluntary work in helping those around them… the point is that this is all they can do now! These were supposed to be Christ’s army against the Darkness… Well… I have already dealt with this subject in the post The Final Fall of the Church and I do not intend to return to it.

… continue in Part 4

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