Death is only a door

By Alessandro Carosi

Why would a thinking person accept the most humiliating exploitations? Pain is one of them and then Death, the fear of Death is what the most disgusting dictators used to take control of a large population and this is where religions played a huge role in the past when the media didn’t exist…… you behave badly and go to hell and suffer for the rest of your life.

Fear of death makes you do the most horrible things, even kill others so you are not the one to die.

Look at all the past wars and how the majority of people allowed their insane leaders to murder millions in the name of insane principles, that’s where we are now, we accepted everything from Covid passports to life restrictions to accept our leaders to go to war and be responsible for devastation and destruction and we allowed them to send back any immigrants who escaped the poverty we caused, we didn’t care because was too far away from us but now we care……are we now so aware of people’s suffering that we ask for peace? No, I wish it were so, we ask for peace because a war is started by a group of people who need to control others and I won’t start with the elites and so on, now we ask for peace because we don’t want to die the war is so close to us, HYPOCRITES !!!!!!

We are a bunch of HYPOCRITES, we didn’t give a shit about Palestinians, Yemenis and so on, it was so far away the slaughter of children and families that we even let them die in their boats running away from wars to a better life, go back !!!! GO BACK !!!! Now death seems so close to us that we believe all the crap they tell us from Covid to Russia and Ukraine, do you know why ? Because you are afraid to die and they know it and you are willing to be slaves ….. but alive, all of a sudden we want peace and we want to help the Ukrainians, come to our countries we will save you from war, wondering if Ukraine was in Africa how many would give a shit ? very few. Wake up because there is no end to this madness until you stop fearing death and wake up to the beauty of Love, there is nothing to fear because to die free but to live in fear like a puppet in the hands of greedy madmen then I embrace Death without remorse

Fuckin Wake up !!!!!

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