Life is about sharing and empowering others

By Alessandro Carosi

I had a stupid conversation with someone that is part of the problem of this society, how to explain that society is about community when people don’t have any encounter with the beyond the curtain ? You can’t explain it so all they can think is about making money and stupidity like the bigger shark have to eat thd smaller, buying a stupid big car and worrying about make more profit, isn’t their fault that’s all they know and their reality is one made of bullshit ego and the illusion of fuckin accomplishments that nobody will care the day they fuckin die, trying to explain that life is about Love and sharing is like explaining to someone blind that there is colours and more if they could see, is hard cause you can’t blame them from not seeing that all is unreal and an illusion, I understand that and once I’m cool down I move on but in that moments I get so frustrated.

Life is about accomplish the most valuable thing….. the well-being of others and empowering our community, all the rest is bullishit.

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