I’m part of all and all is part of me

By Alessandro Carosi

We are energy and will never forget that day in Paddington, that night where I woke up in the middle of the night with light of energy coming out from my finger tips, all my life I have been wonder what life was about and always felt to be more then what meet the eyes, since I was teenager I felt an energy stronger then me in control and I felt that what we call life is an illusion, I remember to tell my friend that we were like in the videogame “The Sims” and I said it before Elon Musk come out with it, I lived so many extraordinary events that confirm that in my journey the so called “reality” is like the reality in “the matrix” and now more then ever I’m convinced that the Wachoski sisters knows what is going on and use movies to tell us the truth origins of our lives, I still lost about the idea of “God” creating more Souls and the need for those Souls to learn, what I can’t understand is…….if God knows everything and is everywhere then why he needs to create other Souls when it could create perfect Souls like him straight away, that’s what drive me crazy but at least I now know that this isn’t real and I can focus to Love others and myself cause I’m part of all and all is part of me.

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