There is life after death but is to go trough Earthly life the challenge

By Alessandro Carosi

Seems like there is life after death but the problem is how to deal with this temporary journey full of challenges and life lessons,

Michael Newton with his book “Journey of Souls” will help you to understand more about life and life after death, past life regressions allowed him to channel Masters and our Spiritual essence behind the veil but still the biggest problem is how to deal with this trip we call “reality” all seems like just a big stage where everyone are their own leading carachters and everyone part of others acting performances but we still stick here forced to evolve and learn.

The biggest question in this Audiobook that still a mystery is “why if God is all know, perfect and the maker, needs to create less perfect Souls to evolve and help it with creation ? A patient gives an explanation that still not explaining anything to me, the audiobook is worth to listen cause could be mind blowing for someone, if you like it then I would reccomend “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss that started my journey into past life regressions, reincarnations and life after death.

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