And …. again …. You dream something and it show up in life

By Alessandro Carosi

What is happening ? Only the higher Souls and my higher self knows, I arrived in Manchester for work and walking around in the morning I ended up in front of a tram platform waiting station just to realise with an intense dejavu that I had a dream exactly like that in all its details like that spot here in Manchester, I dreamed it exactly as I saw it today, not the first time but just trying to understand why ? What’s the meaning behind ? Then at the end of my shift a guy that come at the last minute for a coffee chatting about Italy told me that his Grandfather from Italy was from Matelica, what is important about this town, oh well apart the fact that was the first time to dream something that would turn out in real life happened there, dreaming of a basketball court inside a Church with all the details and so on just to go to play a basketball match inside my dream basically so not a coincidence obviously that he was used by the Universe to tell me this, but why ? Don’t know but there is a higher reason that I feel I will find out soon ….. for the moment time to go back in London

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