A few days ago I published a post about a famous Russian cosmonaut (HERE) who had stated in an interview how much man-made psychic chaos can affect natural upheavals and all forms of life on earth.

I found the text I am proposing today from the same site from which the video I translated in the above report was taken. It can be said that it complements the other, as it explains how science discovered how our behaviour can affect and modify the habitat around us, creating our own hell or paradise. These things have never been exposed to the majority of mankind and that is why they still seem like science fiction to us, but the time has come to understand how powerful our Being is and what potential it has to interact more wisely with the world that hosts it.

Having mentioned Russian research into the influence of human emotions on the Earth and the Sun in the article on Marina Popovitch, I think it would be useful to focus more on the extraordinary and fundamental discoveries made by physicists in the last century, and confirmed on several occasions by other approaches and experiences. All this came about with the debut of quantum physics in December 1900 by the German scientist Max Plank.
To be precise, in 1909 Thomas Young, whose progress Einstein continued until he was awarded the Nobel Prize, carried out an experiment that was to shatter the concept of perceived reality, the so-called double slit experiment. The test consisted of emitting a beam of light onto a wall with two parallel slits. Logically, two light bands should have been visible at the output. But instead of these, a stream of alternating light and dark waves appeared.

It was only in 1961 that they went a step further, projecting light photon by photon, i.e. particle by particle (the photon being a quantum particle) and discovering that the result was always the same, i.e. wave-like!
In short, the photon did not pass through one slit, but passed through both slits at the same time!
This led to the conclusion that light behaves both as a wave and as a particle, and this led to serious questions about why and especially how.

Since the subject was so appealing, they wanted to study the photon’s path to see how this ‘little rascal’ could behave as a wave and simultaneously pass through two slits. And something extraordinary was discovered!
The mere observation of the analyser changed the result of the experiment, since from the moment it was “watched on sight”, the photon acted again as a single particle, simply passing through the slit, without presenting anymore, on arrival on the screen, the alternating structure described above…
The observer’s attention had totally modified his behaviour to the point of making him forget his wave rhythm! The enigma remains unsolved to this day.
The same experiment was resumed in 1998 by the scientists of the Wiezmann Institute in Israel, who not only confirmed it, but also realised that “the more the intensity of the observation increases, the more the influence of the viewer is decisive on what is going to happen”.
In 1957, the physicist and mathematician Hugh Everett III of the American University of Princeton formulated, on the basis of his research, his own theory of ‘multiple worlds’, according to which the focused attention of our consciousness shapes reality, and it is thus possible to literally ‘jump’ from one context to another, creating a quantum bridge between scenarios existing at the same time.
So, already half a century ago, physics established that a human being can influence reality in an incredible way, to the point of changing its nature just by concentrating!
And now, certain physicists claim that the dimensions are multiple and represent – in synchrony – potential worlds that it seems possible to consciously choose!

These discoveries should have completely overturned beliefs and led for a long time to a revolutionary awareness of the way in which our perception of reality, as well as of behaviour, has become emancipated. It can be deduced that on the basis of their faith in the dogmas that have become established, some people have had no interest in propagating and spreading the word too widely through the mass media.
And in fact, except for ‘insiders’ and all those who deal with the Universe that hosts us from near or far, the general public has never been informed or made aware of the implications of such discoveries.
Another significant event was not exposed to the knowledge of the crowds. Sixteen years ago, two geostationary weather satellites reported a sharp and sudden rise in the Earth’s magnetic field.
Maximum peaks were recorded on 11 September 2001, just 15 minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center and 15 minutes after the second.
Subsequent surveys by researchers at Princeton University and the HearthMath Institute confirmed that this was no coincidence.
They also analysed older recordings and discovered that similar spikes had been picked up at the time in connection with certain events that had aroused a strong emotional impulse at planetary level, such as the death of Princess Diana.
Moreover, the same scholars were also interested in the graphs that emerged that day from random number generators and observed a strong peak during the 4-5 hours preceding the collision of the first aircraft.
This suggests a worldwide collective intuitive influence on the coming event.
According to the researchers, it seems that the main responsible for these frequencies is… the heart. And it is this, in fact, that generates the greatest magnetic flux in the human body (5,000 times more intense than that emitted by the cerebrum).
Due to a lack of suitable equipment, it has only been possible to measure its ring-shaped energy field up to a few metres from the body, but it is assumed that it can cover a distance of several kilometres.
Now, back on topic, the magnetism emitted by the cardiac responds to our emotional stimuli and general state of mind. This news is fully in line with the testimony given by Russian cosmonaut Marina Popovitch regarding our planet’s ‘responses’ to human emotional stimuli.

All this research is still in its infancy, including quantum physics, despite a century of considerable progress. But for those who might regret their limitations and feel powerless in the face of the forces at work on Earth, the prospects opened up by these discoveries are dizzying: they validate what has been taught for millennia in various cultures, but carefully concealed by almost the entire world, particularly the modern Western world.
It is therefore in the West, in the midst of this darkness, that scientists have rekindled the flame of the candle. Who better than they could have done so in an eminently mental context that is dominated by dogmatic scientific rigour?
The conscienceless technology banned by the financial lobbies, the lack of a spiritual dimension diabolically created and managed by the wheels of our societies, as well as submission to the established oppressive order, have plunged us into the abyss.
We, however, have much more than hope. We possess the creative power which, when combined with the will, will cause our candle to become a fire of joy offered to others, so that each one will come to know, at last, his true power on the world stage. A large number of united and loving spirits, focused on the advent of a new reality, represents an invincible force. Exactly the same indomitable power as light when it dispels the darkness of a cave. (See HERE).
And so it is, without rancour or violence but united in a collective and purposeful intent, that the world will soon emerge alone from its dark night. In this story, let us not forget, the Earth is our ally.”
Le Passeur (The Ferryman)
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