My life on K-rd and how I co-created my desires

By Alessandro Carosi

Can we co-create our reality ? It seems so to me at least in my Journey, it happened many times that now is so obvious that when I create what I don’t want I feel so stupid thinking how powerful I am/We are.

I witnessed this so many times and the story today is from when I moved to Auckland from Australia and ended up in the neighbourhood and the job I wanted ….. all started one year earlier after applying for New Zealand working-holiday visa, doing some research I decided that I wanted to live on K-Rd the alternative, artistic and open minded suburb in Auckland and that I wanted to work in the same area a job Monday to Friday so to have weekends off for partying, I made a clear choice and then over the months forgot about it.

One year passed by and left Australia I moved to Japan and then to Auckland, the immigration gave me some hard time due the fact that I landed 10 days before my visa would expire and they didn’t like it but at the end I managed to entry the country and to get the stamp for one year, I went travelling around the north island with Kaori and then started looking for a job, eventually I found a house cause my brother decided to come to New Zealand and a job ….. what happened was that after few months I had this huge realisation that I was working the job I wanted Monday to Friday in the neighbourhood I choose one year earlier and ended up going to live on K-Rd too, my mind might have forgotten it but my subconscious didn’t and that’s what really redirect our lives that’s why I got wanted I created in my mind first, cause I forgot I didn’t emanate any negative energies and like when you copy and paste a document I did copy and paste from my mind in my subconscious my desire and that’s what I achieved.

It’s so important that we focus all our energy in what we want instead then what we don’t want cause the universe doesn’t care about what we think but about what we feel.

It is in my journey and I believe in many other people journeys.

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