In a graveyard in Bath you won’t find just Spirits but even old men with incredible stories

By Alessandro Carosi

I’m in Bath for work and finished my shift I decide to go sightseeing the town that was an other reason for me to take the job in the first place, before going in search of interesting things to see I want to eat my usual chips that is the only time I allowed myself unhealthy and fried meals …. When visiting a new place, I can’t find anything and walking by the rest of an old church and the graveyard I get curious and stop by to read about the history of the building when I hear at first someone talking thinking to come from the graveyard but no one around and assume to be from people on the street but then a whistle singing what I thought to be a famous Italian soundtrack from the movie “Amarcord” but is actually something else so I try to find out where the whistle is from but can’t see anyone and at first I really believe to be from some spirits so I start looking around just to find an old man sitting behind a tall bush, I wave to him and tell that I thought was a spirit and he tells me something I can’t remember now but is on the audio I made and I feel compelled to tell him that in meditations I hear voices from Spirits telling me words or prashes, from there we start a conversation where he tells me when he was young and walking after work in a dark road at some point he could feel the presence of someone that begun to follow him till the end of that road, he couldn’t see him/her but he knew to be 20 feet above him and to be of a protective nature, I told him about some of my Spiritual experiences and then visibly sad he feel the need to tell me about his wife that left him after 50 years and being unable to forget the Love he feels, he used to be a troubled man, his words and tried to commit suicide multiple times but always unable to do it like if some entity would protect him from doing it and he believes due the fact that he saved two people from committing suicide themselves, one time he found this guy lying on the train railway with a bottle of whisky and capable to take him even if he was very heavy, the second time a man that wanted to jump from a bridge and able to convince him from not jumping.

He is a man with a complicated past and present I can feel it and the fact that he tells me that he isn’t allowed to go closer to his ex wife due to police restrictions just confirm that, he is lonely and want to talk but realise I have to go and tells me to go to my hostel but before leaving he remeber his connection with Italy and tells me this fascinating story about how he got a painting of Garibaldi, the man that Italian government propaganda tells to be the hero that unified Italy when reality is that he was a murder that with the Roman state went on to conquer more lands, equal more power.

His ex wife great great great grandfather was an artist and was in Italy painting when he met Garibaldi that thought he was a spy but trying to justify his presence there shouting to be an artist Garibaldi asked to paint his horse and him to prove that he was, seems like he was believed and apparently their friendship made a way for England to help Italy to be unified, the man I met in the graveyard claim to have that painting, the story could be true we will never know but can’t deny that our encounter and the story the man told me about the spirit following him when he was younger was the main thing of our meeting, I enjoyed that moment and that encounter and left sad about him obviously missing his wife and maybe feeling guilty for things he done in life, there was something to learn and I was there to teach him something and to learn.

I left and kept sightseeing Bath surrounded by a different energy like the entity following him years ago was around me this time protecting me in my journey in Bath.

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