The interesting world of dreams

By Alessandro Carosi

We all have dreams and we all have any sort of dreams,scary,happy,enigmatic,someone has dreams that comes true,we know very little about this world,our society nowadays is too busy on the materialistic part of life to see this other reality,we take for granted that ours awake everyday life is the real one without think about that maybe when we dreaming we are in our real self and when we wake up is when we start dreaming,obviously we can’t know it,like we can’t know many things about what we call life,the problem is our society doesn’t give us the chance to think about it.

Sometime i had dreams so real that when i woke up in the morning for few seconds i felt like it really happened and then wake up properly and figure out that was only a dream (maybe)

I had many dreams in my life like everyone but some of them for reasons i can’t explain i remember like i had it yesterday,there are many i can remember really well but i want to tell only about the ones that are really important to me.

I remember one where i was a baby,still now i don’t know if was a dream or a memory from when i was a little baby,what i remember is,i should have been around maybe 5 years old and i was sleeping between my Dad and my Mum,why is an important memory is because this sort of dream/memory came in my mind only when i was a teenager and all of sudden one day i had this clear memory,i couldn’t remember when happened or when i had the dream but subconsciously i know it really happened.

When i was teenager i had this dream that was really weird,if would happen in the real life i would obviously been frightened but in my dream i was really calm,i was in my hometown and heading to my local church,people were walking inside but when i got to the entry i looked up and i saw a huge devil face,i wasn’t afraid and i just walked inside the church,i can’t remember more but the devil face on the top of the door main entry is really vivid in my mind until now.

This is about a dream that became true but the problem is that now after many years passed by i can’t remember if i seen the place first and then i had the dream or i had the dream first and then became real,the dream was about me going to see this Church in a town called Amandola not too far from my hometown,next to the Church connected of it there was an other building with a door,i opened it and went inside,there was a corridor and on the right side a change room with toilets,i walked all trough the corridor,at the end there was an other door and when i opened it i found a basketball court,behind one of the Basket structure there was an other door that would take you to the Church,after that i can’t remember more,i used to play basketball for real and few months later going to play against a team from Amandola i realized that the basketball court was exactly the same from my dream and the building was just next to the Church.

I dreamed my Dad sometime after he died when i was 10 years old but this one let me think about a lot,it was when i used to live in Japan,i was guest in my ex-girlfriend family house and i wasn’t enjoying it cause i didn’t really wanna be there but in Thailand plus i had some problem with my girlfriend,one night i dreamed my father,i can’t remember all the dream but i remember being really surprised to seeing my father cause i knew he was dead,i think i told him,Dad what are you doing here,he answered,i just woke up from a long coma,he didn’t look happy and i think i asked why,he said,i’m not happy,how i could be happy,i have been in coma for so long and missed the most of my life,i woke up,confuse and wondering about the dream,few days later i had an argument with my girlfriend’s mum and decided to leave and move back to Australia,i think my father came in my dream and in his way tried to make me understand that he was disappointed about my behavior.

I dreamed a family friend died last year,she was a good woman and she always liked me and cared for me,in the dream she was playing football with his son in a park where i spend a lot of time in my childhood,in the dream she looked at me and smiling said why i didn’t go to visit her,i live in London now and in August i went back to Italy for holiday to visit my mum,i decided to go to visit her at the cemetery,her tomb is near my grandmother tomb,i went to see her and thought that something would happen,nothing happened but i felt like the numbers of her birth and death might mean something,i checked on internet a website with numbers meaning,after read it i felt like she tried to tell me something trough that numbers.

I had many dreams about my ex-girlfriends telling me they were still in love with me but the most important was about one girl that i feel tried  to direct me on the right life path and i think still doing it.

Lately i had 2 dreams that made me think a lot,one was last spring,i woke up in the morning really depressed,i was so sad,i felt like i wasted so much of my life making the wrong choices,i felt useless,a loser,all i wanted was to disappear and die but i tried to be strong,i tried to stand up and change my feelings,i couldn’t let myself start the day in that way,i had few more hours before go to work so i tried to sleep a bit more,i had this dream where i was at my workplace,i had to grab something in the storage that is in the basement,to go back in the shop i got the lift,it began to goes up at first slowly but then faster and faster,all of sudden  i woke up feeling my body like was lifting up and then back to the bed,when fully awake i realized i had such a peaceful feeling,i was feeling good,relaxed,optimistic,i knew something good happened,few days later i asked to a friend that knows someone that is a psychic to tell about my dream and what happened after,the psychic said what i experienced was a sort of spiritual awakening,the spirits world helped me to lift my feelings and now i’m ready to become more spiritual.

The last important dream i had it few days ago,it was a nice one and completely different then other dreams,normally when i dream they are short or if long the scenes change without apparently reason or connections with each other,this dream was like a movie,from the beginning until the end,i was with my mother and we were happy,i can’t remember everything but i remember few things very clearly,one was when we went to visit a relative or friend of my mum,on the way to the apartment i met 3 guys from Albania,i knew them,we had a chat and laughed,then i got to the flat,i didn’t see who the person was cause was in an other room,then the other scene i remember very well is when with my mum we went to this train station and we took a train,isn’t the first time i dream that train station,i don’t think i ever seen it in real life,we took the train and i woke up,i woke up full of energy like i didn’t have it for so long,i was fully recharged,feeling strong and healthy,i haven’t felt like this for so long now,it surprised me so much,something happened during that dream,something beautiful.

I do believe that dreams want to tell us something,there is a meaning in what we dream and if we would take a moment to try to understand them we would learn a lot about what we do in what we call the real life.

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