If isn’t a tornado within your rubbish bin then they are trying to get your attention

By Alessandro Carosi

Many people wondering if there is an after life, from many Near Death Experience stories and people that claim to be able to get in touch with souls seems like is possible, I met few that have died and come back and confirmed me that an afterlife exist, we will never be sure till we actually experienced it but I had some extraordinary events that makes me think that maybe is true.

The first one was 3 years ago, I was dating this wonderful girl that by ”coincidence” but you know I don’t believe in coincidence, had the same name of the girl from my first important relationship, Kaori, as the first one I believe this new Kaori come along to redirect me on the right life path, with her I was able to at finally find some sort of peace within and as many times I have been able to reach that state life begun to flow magically, effortlessly, full of joy with small and big life miracles.

That’s when I lived an event that sort of confirmed what I suspected from long time that spirits are around us and when our vibrations matched theirs we are able to make a contact.

I was in my room in deep meditation when I felt the need to know if spirits were surrounding me, if there was someone that protects me and look after me, if maybe was my father the one, I was in such a bliss and timeless feeling that I could stay in that state forever, all of a sudden from the rubbish bin next to my bed a noise of papers moving got louder and louder the sign I asked for, but then a doubt of a mouse inside the bin took place and I opened my eyes, the noise stopped straight away and checking the bin no sign of mice or anything else, my skeptic mind telling me that wasn’t possible but something or someone was shaking those rubbish and wasn’t a mouse, yes I do believe that souls come to visit me to prove of their existence but I feel is always better to keep an eye at the possibility that something else might have happened that have nothing to do with the spiritual world.

I know we can give so many explanations to what happened but we can’t deny that it was something out of the ordinary, my skeptic mind could give any bloody scientific explanation for what happened but my soul is telling me that what happened was real, like Love is real, Apparently the trick is to rise our vibrations to such a Love level that we can be able to get in touch with them but to be able to do it we need to forget all the life distractions and live in the present moment, staying in the present is the trick to rise our frequency but even the hardest.

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