I feel like Synchronicities is the universe way to show us that there is something bigger then sleep, wake up, produce and repeat

By Alessandro Carosi

A good friend opened his second Vegan pizzeria in Peckham and last week I went to visit him, it was my first time in the area and it nicely surprised me cause it has an atmosphere that is out of time and it feels like everything is compressed to optimize as much space as possible, I don’t know how the area looked like in the past but now is a cool and young environment where old disused buildings have been converted in art galleries, studios, bars, restaurants, I found it great to preserve those buildings and at the same time create something new instead to take them down and build something else ruining the unique personality of the area.

My friend’s Vegan pizzeria is inside a multi levels old car park that have been converted in food court with restaurants, two bars, a hairdresser, yoga studio and art gallery, the project is to add more shops, offices and studios, one of the coolest things I seen so far in London the idea to exploit an old car park in this way is amazing.

The night was fun and the pizza great as usual, tasty, healthy and Vegan, what my friend is doing is remarkable cause with his successful business is promoting Vegan concepts that I completely agree and if you know his story you would understand why he is so passionate about what he does, years ago he used to eat meat like most of the people and at the time was working as a chef in a restaurant in the city, he got seriously ill and there was nothing that could help him, he tried out Veganism after many researches trying to find a cure to his problem and since when he stopped eating meat and derivatives from animals his health improved drastically until recover completely, from that moment he stopped eating meat, he quit his job in the restaurant and opened his own Vegan business promoting Veganism in such a passionate way that makes you understand why he is so successful and after talk to him you will start to think seriously if eating meat is the right thing, I’m vegetarian but one day I will definitely embrace Veganism in my diet I only need to overcome my addiction to cheese and eggs but I totally agree with him and is time to change our eating habits, I do believe that in 2018 there is no reason to keep eating meat, animal has emotions they suffer and feel pain like us, I do believe we are here on earth to learn about love and now is time to learn about love for the animals, all of them, Pickywops is one of the best Pizzeria in London and Cristiano one of the owners a great man and friend, I met him last summer and what happened then is one of those things that makes you think about life in a more spiritual way because the synchronicities I experienced when meeting him and after can’t leave you without make you think what actually life is, definitely nothing happen by coincidence.

I remember the day he came at my cafe’ I thought he wanted to flirt with one of my staff and when he sat I told him to leave her alone and laughing he told me he came to say hi to Petar my employer, the accent was familiar so I asked him if he was Italian, yes he was and he was from a town near mine where I used to play basketball in the past and we find out we had common friends too but it wasn’t over cause talking about coming holidays we discovered to have the same flight at the same time with the same airline company and the same train back to my town where his brother would pick him up to take him back home, I love when those things happening cause i know aren’t coincidence it happened way too many times in the past and in spirituality it means you are in the right life path, but the synchronicities still wasn’t over cause at the airport in London waiting for the gate to open we met a guy in a cafe’ that looked like a famous Italian radio speaker, I sat next to him and I asked if he was, he wasn’t but was friendly so we had a good chat and find out they were from basilicata a region in south Italy where and this was an other synchronicity I was supposed to go to meet a friend, I bought for him and his girlfriend a coffee and we said goodbye but wasn’t the end ……

I had a good holiday I went to visit my friend in Basilicata and two weeks later I came back to London, while working a day someone I didn’t see for long time showed up at my shop for a coffee at first I didn’t recognize who was but when surprised to see me she started to talk I understood who she was, Beatrice an Italian girl I met 3 years ago working in another coffee shop but we didn’t meet anymore even if living in the same area, here an other synchronicity, she comes from Basilicata and I visited her hometown two times when I was there, my friend lives not too far, we exchanged phone numbers and promised to catch up sometime.

An evening hungry for good pizza I went with a friend at Cristiano’s Vegan pizzeria in Northen road that is near my house and we were happily eating when I got a msg from Beatrice asking me if I knew someone that would rent a room in cash without asking for ID or Passport, it was an unusual and weird request but knowing Beatrice I wasn’t completely surprised and I told her I didn’t know anyone and I would let her know if something would come out, I told my friend about the surreal chat I just had and she asked me to show who was the girl, on her facebook profile looking for pics I noticed a guy that had a familiar face but at first I thought it might look like someone I knew in London but then a thought struck my mind, it looked like a guy I met at the airport with Cristiano, it was possible? I found other pics of him and in some he was with a girl like the one in the airport, it was them, I called Beatrice and told her about the guy and the girl in one of her albums, I asked if they were in London few weeks earlier and if they were at Stansted airport on the 12th of August, yes they were, they came to visit her, the guy is her sister boyfriend and I explained that I met him at the airport cafe’ and asked him if he was a famous radio speaker and even offered him a coffee, she was amazed about that and told me what a such incredible coincidence ……. no wasn’t a coincidence cause I know there is no coincidences in life, I couldn’t explain it to her she would never understand but I told Cristiano what just happened he knows as well that coincidences doesn’t exist but the only problem was why? why happened? which was the meaning of it? it was God way to just tell us we were in the right life path or something more? we can’t know it at the moment, the only thing I know is that again I have the proof that there is something huge going on that we can’t see but only perceive and as usual it happened in a period of my life where I was quite in balance emotionally cause at least for me it happen only when I’m emotionally balanced so what I think could be is that it was God way to let me know that I was in the right life path or at least I hope so.

If we weren’t so busy distracted from TV, Social medias, celebrities, the need to make more and more money we could see it, synchronicities happening every day to everyone and if we would stop a second noticing it we would grasp that thought about life, that thought that would make us questioning our lives and trying to know more about what’s really going on out there and within ourselves.

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