The France experience with the blue energy

By Alessandro Carosi

Edinburgh, Scotland 2019

There is something important that I have been waiting to write about for a long time but I never felt ready to do it, I don’t know what I’m waiting for but eventually I will, it’s an important event and what triggered the change within myself that led me to where I am now, the story I’m going to tell you today is related to that event.

Few nights ago I had a dinner meeting with my flatmates to discuss about house issues and projects we want to do together, we stayed till late and slowly one by one people went to sleep except me and an other guy, we were talking about life, about this mystery that is the journey we all go through and how we spend so much time chasing the material ignoring the spiritual completely, after few hours that we were chatting an other flatmate joined the conversation, I was drunk and decided out of blue to tell a story that happened 6 years ago in London, I don’t know why I come out with this story, normally I would tell it only to people that I’m really close with but all I can think is that maybe was meant to be and that’s the reason I might ended up living in this flat.

Six years ago I woke up in the middle of the night with blue light of energy coming out of my fingers, I don’t know why it happened and the reason but it changed me completely, that was the beginning of a new journey that slowly shaped the person I’m becoming, I could not look at life in the same way as before, obviously something extraordinary happened, the other night I told them about that event disinterested about the reaction if they would think I was crazy, what I didn’t think would be the answer from my France flatmate, he had the same experience and the way he reacted about it is the same as me, it was the first time to meet someone that could understand what I talked about and the day after we discussed about this, in his case happened a night in France, he was with friends and had few drinks, they were walking through a forest and was so dark that he couldn’t see even the person in front of him, suddenly blue lights of energy begun to be emanated from his fingers, he stopped trying to figure out what was happening, he touched his body curious if it would stop but the lights would light up every parts he would touch, he told me lasted few seconds, mine lasted something like 5-10 minutes, after that episode same as me his life changed completely till the point he broke up with his girlfriend, quit his job and left France in a journey of self discovery, he begun to learn Reiki to see if what happened was a sign the he was a healer, after he done this course he felt he could redirect his energy to his hands, in the past month Reiki have been popping up everywhere, at first feeling the need to read articles about it, then a Fortuneteller in Malta kept saying that I should do Reiki, she said I need it to heal from energy blockages and then now my flatmate.

There was a reason to move in this flat, I could move here seven months ago when one of my customers that is an other flatmate told me about a room becoming available but then nothing happened, I believe I moved here now cause it was the right timing to meet the right people and to meet this France guy.

In the upcoming weeks I will get info about Reiki and then book an appointment to start the course, I don’t know where he is going to lead me but I feel is something I have to do, everything and everyone is guiding me to that direction, I can’t get back to the old way of seeing life and this new chapter seems an exciting one.

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