The power of hypocrisy

By Alessandro Carosi

The Church or any religion in general is useful to give a sense to life and make it easier for us to go trough this journey we call existence but doesn’t mean that they are right or act in the right way, most of the time religions are the pure example of hypocrisy and selfishness, religious people feel statisfied with their lives cause they accepted the fairy tales that have been told them by people that like to give themselves big names, Priests, Monks and so on and believe that living a life of deprivations and telling other people to believe in their symbols is enough to make their Gods happy.

Most of the time they do nothing for others excepts when they want something in return, joining their clubs, if someone isn’t interested in the club then they don’t care, I spent years listening those high religious authorities about helping others and living a simple life while they talk from extreme expensive buildings as much as their furnitures and sculptures, while selling one of those Churches or Temples or Mosque could give food to an entire third world country they prefer to believe that their are doing the word of God.

How many of those religious buildings are close during the night or even the day if no service is made ? Most of them ….. almost all of them and we don’t need to go far away to find poor people, homeless, I live in U.K. and I was born in Italy and in both countries is full of poor human beings and many without a home for the most various reasons, so now we would expect that with so many religious buildings they would have a place to stay in a cold winter night ? No they don’t have it cause they are close, for which reasons ? Safety reasons, safety of what ? You are a religious man that preach simplicity and poverty so nothing should be so precious to be protected but while you preach about good deeds and helping others you let less fortunate beings to die outside on the streets …… hypocrites

I was in Whitstable for work for a day but spent the day before in Canterbury that is 20 minutes by car, I bought a return ticket from Canterbury thinking that I would get the bus back to London from Whitstable not knowing that National Express stops only where a ticket is purchased so after work waiting to be picked up nobody showed up and it was the last coach, it was 11:30pm, cold and the next available train would depart from Canterbury at 5:30am and no place to stay, it was really cold and I wasn’t prepared so I walked back to the town hopefully to find a place to rest, too late to get an accomodation to spent the night so I thought I could do it like in the old great times when younger I would travel solo and sleep on the street unfortunately no where was warm enough and even if I tried to sleep in the station it was too cold, to keep warm I decided to spent all night walking around and what really upset me was to see all those beautiful expensive churches all close when only one open would save me from the cold I was experiencing but that’s the hypocrisy of most religions, they preach things and most of the time they don’t do it and often they really believe to do the right thing ……. What a fuckt up society we live in, isn’t ? In all those years I found only one Church leaving it open for homeless to have a roof over their head and it was in Edinburgh, one over the thousands I saw over the years, you talk to people and you will hear all the greatest bullshit why a Church keep it close, vandalism, religious items stealing and so on but I thought that a man of God should live in simplicity and attached to nothing so what they are worry about ? They are worry about their hypocrisy challenged that’s the problem.

Until we live in this kind of society doesn’t matter how many religions and religious people we have, our society is doomed to repeat wars and hardships so if you want a change start to change within and when all of us included Priests, Monks and other “spiritual leaders” will begin this process then we won’t need open churches cause we would have solved poverty and mental health related issues.

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