I lost my body and became part of everything

By Alessandro Carosi

I was in a deep meditation state till a point that I didn’t feel my body any longer…….there this incredible feeling to be just mind, Soul, I felt part of everything like I was one with all but able to maintain my individuality, I had my thoughts with me that gave me this sensation to be one but at the same time I was everything with all the surroundings, it was such a powerful feeling.

The body is a sort of prison for the Soul and after this experience I can feel stronger the limitations that we carry within this casing, maybe that’s how it is after we die, we don’t know it yet.

There is a fuel that makes in motion our body, it is the Soul but who gives the fuel to our Soul ? How can we leave our casing without killing the body ? I’m trying to reach that point cause I feel that we can, those days filled with stress I would love to detach from my body even more but maybe that’s what prevent that to happen, we need to have such a powerful frequency that comes with Joy, Peace and not with sadness and frustration, so challenging.

I wish you a day full of joy and Love

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