Milk Tea Can’t

Written by Alan Forsyth

Thanks Alan Forsyth to make me being part of your last Novel is a honour and it is even more special cause the book is wonderful and so many parts of Edinburgh that I miss, at the same time reminded me of when I was a young boy and could end up like the main carachter …. For me would be over but not for the people that stays here on Earth dealing with our daily Humans struggles.

I wish to be able to use this Job I Love to bring as many smiles as possible

Milk Tea Can’t

As soon as you discover Fraser walking backward and barefoot on the Meadows, Edinburgh Castle splashed by Hogmanay fireworks, you will be hooked.

You will be further compelled when you find out Edinburgh is a character in the novel, her worried eye on Fraser that ominous night.

Allow yourself to be both warmed and appalled with the characters you will meet, all in some way dealing with core human concerns that resonate with us all.

Taking place in such a charming location, this is a book that celebrates the spirit of the city and its people whilst exposing the underbelly that can destroy all of us.

This is a book that will generate important conversations.

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