Be the right circumstances for others

By Alessandro Carosi

My name is Alessandro Carosi but could have been Kevin, Sky, Marco, Akioshi, name is a name with little importance cause you haven’t chose it as you haven’t chose your nationality, education, hairstyle or religion….get over it you aren’t in control, you aren’t in control of anything, your breath, love, what you like, your personality, your desires, you are the result of circumstances out of your control, you believe ….YOU ARE, I AM but the reality is we are nothing then the result of circumstances created from who knows who, you are pride to be Italian, Irish, English, Japanese, Nigerian, are you proud to have a predesposition for Diabets, a cancer or a malformation ? Then why you are fuckin proud for something that was out of your control and as I said the result of circumstances, so stop bulshitting around pretending you are better then others and get to work to be the right circumstances for others.

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