The ‘sensitive’ are the only possible winners

By Roberto Bovara

On Facebook

Tell me whatever you want… that the world is bad, unfair, superficial, false. That sensitive, authentic people always lose out.
And I will reply that instead, in my opinion, the ‘sensitive’ are the only possible winners.
They are the sensitive ones, the true ‘transgressors’: because if selfishness, inhumanity, lack of compassion, pretense, have become the rules…
well, ‘the sensitive’ break them all.
Because they live from the heart, they don’t decide, it is their nature.
The sensitive always win, even if they don’t know it.
Do you know why? Because they are the strongest.
They are so strong that they do not need to prevaricate, to cheat, to overwhelm others to feel like that. They do not need the spotlight to feel enlightened, because they have the light inside. Sensitive people win no matter what, because they are ‘superior’, in the true sense of the word, because they go beyond themselves every time, to meet others. The sensitive win because they are courageous, they have the courage to ‘feel’, to feel everything, even suffering, without erecting impenetrable walls to protect themselves ‘from a world that does not deserve them’, because they know that those walls isolate them from everything, not only from pain, but also from happiness, or rather, above all from happiness, they know that those walls suffocate, and that instead, to feel alive, one must breathe deeply.
We are all born ‘good and authentic’. Few remain so.
And few have the courage to live from the heart while remaining
sensitive and authentic.
And so it is those few who, come what may, win.
Because…being changed (for the worse) by the world.
This is the fragility and the only,
true great defeat.

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