A fortuneteller told ………my friend

By Alessandro Carosi

June 28, 2019

This is another story of fortunetellers but this time not mine, but from a friend.

We were in Bruntsfield having a coffee at one of my favourite cafes, Artisan Roast, we were chatting about life in Scotland and our old relationships that actually in the evening developed in a small synchronicity, anyway we ended up talking about peculiar people with extraordinary gifts, I told about my grandmother and how without have been to school and unable to read and write she was capable just touching your body to know or heal some minor injuries, she was quite popular also for what nowadays is called Chakras healing, to reach the fortunetellers topic wasn’t so complicate and I recounted about my experience with them especially with the lady from Milton Keynes, She met a Chinese Chiromancer in Hong Kong that predicted she would have two kids when at the time prevailed the law of just one and that she would divorce, twenty years later she did have two kids and last year sadly she divorced, it reminded me of when at Tiziano Terzani in Hong Kong a fortuneteller foreseen for him death if in twenty years time, in 1983 he would fly, he believed her and in that year he never flown then one day he was supposed to go to Cambodia but couldn’t make it on time his company sent an other journalist instead of him and the helicopter he was flying precipitated, this event was the beginning of a change within himself that brought him to quit journalism and searching for the meaning of life.

In those years in search of extraordinary people, events and the meaning and purpose of life took me to a path I would never think to walk through and there is no turn back, I feel like capable to see things that majority of people can’t and is frustrating at times to not be able to wake the rest of the world up, I would like to help them, make them understand that there is much more of what our eyes can meet, I want to shake them up to show that life isn’t, waking up, going to work, going to sleep and repeat in a permanent fear of death when should be life what they should be concern about, maybe we are heading there, I see more and more people awakening from the illusion of life.

Earlier I said I would write about the synchronicity, this is what is about, at the cafe’ my friend asked me if I would go back with my ex, I said no cause we are different people now and what we might have liked to each other at the beginning is gone, we acting different parts now and we must to move on, I miss my ex but life moves forward not backward, in the evening I joined a Japanese class where I find out that an Earthquake hit Niigata prefecture, her family lives there so I got in touch to know if everything was ok, fortunately it was, at night a friend stayed over at my flat and we watched a new Japanese TV series, the story is about a taxi driver capable to take his clients back to the past and make changes to their lives, in the first episode the main character was……. Kaori Chan, the name of my ex, sometime I know the reason of those synchronicities but like in this case I have no clue, maybe I will discover it in the future.

I wish I could be a fortuneteller myself to find out what awaiting me in life.

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