December 12: 1212 Angel Number


By Sparks of Divine Light Healing


1212 is a high-frequency angel number that represents wholeness and graduation. As we honor and recognize the wholeness within and celebrate any graduation points, we can raise our consciousness and ascend to higher states of awareness. Seeing 1212 signifies that you are completing a lesson and ready to make it to the next chapter. The move to that next chapter will be more aligned with your soul journey and will take you to higher states of being.
(By Tanaaz)

On The Energies…

21 days until 2023! Tomorrow is the 12:12 Portal. This is a day of magic, manifesting, and healing. Make sure your tapping into these energies, as they are powerful. All about what your manifesting for the year ahead. The rest of December is going to bring a massive influx of Galactic Energies and Galactic Alignments. We have two meteor showers this month. That means lots of shooting stars. Dec 13th-14th is the peak of the Geminids Meteor Shower. December 21st is the Winter Solstice. Recommending you’re up very early so that wherever you are, when the Sun does rise you’re up with it and letting it hit your third eye. This is where we celebrate the birth of the Sun. It’s also a time to activate ourselves using the Galactic Energies coming in with the Sun. December 21st- 22nd is the peak of the Ursids Meteor Shower. Christmas Eve Sirius will align with the three brightest stars in Orion’s belt. Christmas Night is going to be extra Galactic this year. It’s going to be an amazing time to stargaze. It’s a great time to see Orion. You’ll find Orion right below Mars. You will be able to see the Orion Nebula, which is beneath Orion’s Belt. It’s a great time to see the Pleiades. The Pleiades are going to be looking amazing. We will be able to see Sirius. Orion’s Belt will be pointing straight down at it, to the left of Orion. Sirius is rising and will be at its highest point in the sky around the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve. This means we are going to be integrating a ton of Galactic Energies and Galactic Upgrades through the rest of the month. This may be accelerating your ascension, waking you up, or bringing up ascension symptoms for some. There is a major clearing or energies happening right now. You may be feeling these energies a little extra as they are moving through your chakra system.
(By Sparks of Divine Light Healing)

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