You need to tune on the right frequency

By Alessandro Carosi

I Don’t understand life and I will be never tired to say it but then sometime you experience some extraordinary events and you restart questioning all of this madness, I noticed that everyone journey is different so that we all have apparently an unique journey so seems that what is life for me isn’t for an other and that’s when actually problems arise cause if we aren’t awakened enough we start to believe that our Journey is the real one and everyone else should stick with that, obviously I could be wrong and they are right who the hell knows.

I was in a deep meditation the other evening needed to unplug from this world for a bit when at some point music begun to play inside my head or I tuned on the right energy frequency and a beautiful music was the only sound in my room and only when I come back to our dimension that all went silent……soo I don’t know who is playing with our existences but I wish that they would give me some more puzzle pieces, with all that is going on in my life how I could go back to care about football or the silly mundane society distractions, obviously I want to know more about this mystery but why I won’t get more info about my purpose here on Earth I don’t understand but I believe is the same for many.

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