The power of forgiveness

By Alessandro Carosi

Forgiveness is so important if we want to heal this planet, we can’t change it if we don’t forgive others and ourselves, during our lifetime we gonna meet a lot of people that will hurt our feelings, we gonna be the one to make others suffer too but the most powerful tool we have is to forgive what have been done trying to learn from those lessons so to make other lives and our life better.

The other night meeting a friend for few drinks somehow we ended up talking about our childhood, we both have been struggling when kids due to life circumstances not so great, we suffered a lot and haven’t been easy to regain control of our feelings and joy, we both had people that emotionally and physically abused of us and obviously ruined that stage where a human being should have laughed, played, feel the love but we didn’t, we cried, we suffered, we hated, no kid should go through something like this but the past is gone and now as adults we have two choice, to hate or to love, hatred will slowly consume you and won’t be of any benefit to others, Love in the other hand will make the next chapters of your existence a more joyful experience and your lessons could be of benefit to others because you could help others to heal, to do this we must to forgive, why ? we are all human beings and we aren’t perfect, no one is, we all make mistakes cause life circumstances shaped us differently and not everyone is fully conscious of what does mean to hurt others, I’m saying this cause me too I have done horrible things but only now that fully aware of what I have done I could understand the pain that those people could have feel, at the time even if I knew that what I was doing was wrong I didn’t have the emotional tools to understand and when you haven’t felt yet the sadness you cause to others you can’t develop that empathy that would prevent you from making such awful actions, this apply to the ones that made us suffer.

Forgive yourself, forgive everyone!!!!

This is the first step to make ours and others lives better and happier.

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