When social media is used correctly

By Alessandro Carosi

Social media is a great thing if used correctly,the fact to reach any kind of news straight away,keep in touch with friends and family that live far away,information and news in real time,it made life easier and the chance to share information all around the world never been easier,most of the people misuse it to the detriment of socialization isolating them self,we all know this kind of problem now a days but i’m not here to complaining about it,at least not this time,today i’m here  to praise social medias,lately i got to know a girl trough one of the many app that circulate on internet,she lives in Thailand,we never met but we have been enjoying chatting quite a lot,already the fact to get to know someone that lives miles away without even we met yet is amazing but to get to know someone and learn something from their culture just in this way is wonderful,the other day while chatting she told me about this website where trough a test they tell you which kind of personality you have,i done it and i was nicely surprised to how accurate it was to describe me,i mean,is nothing exceptional but it was fun and made me think a lot about how lucky i am to live in this era and with this kind of technology,when i was kid if i wanted to contact a friend i had to wait the time i knew would be home and call him and sometime wasn’t,if i wanted to go out and i wasn’t home i had to find a phone box or go to their house and ring the bell,look now,you send a msg or make a call anywhere you are and you can instantly know if they are available or not,i can daily keep in touch  with my family that lives in different countries,my Mum in Italy,my brother in Dubai,when going travelling no more huge maps or massive travel books but using a little smartphone and internet i can find any directions and any information of what i want to see,one of my friends just suggested me the chance to watch porn movies every where,i guess you can do better use of it,instead,if you fell down you can watch an inspirational video,a funny video that can lift up your mood,all in in just few clicks,all we need to do is to learn how to manage this amazing technology meant to get us closer and united.

I’m going to stop here cause it’s such a big subject  it would take me all night writing about it,i started this post to share the interesting website my Thai friend introduced to me,here the link,the other two links are related to this first one but giving an extra explanation from the result you might get







Have fun

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