What’s friends are for?

By Alessandro Carosi

Greetings to you all!!! I am looking for help in collaboration with the Association “Ora et labora” (it is present on fb where there is the appeal for this situation)
for a large family in my area in very serious difficulties and to which I am very attached:
1) children with several serious chronic illnesses, but without any pension yet recognised.
2) for the last three years the whole family has been bullied and they had to flee from their council house and take refuge in a residence because they had no credentials for a flat… For a while they were helped by the municipality of residence, but now they can no longer and have found themselves alone … and now they have to maintain both the council house from which they fled so as not to lose the right, and the residence.
3) The father has lost a good job and found a precarious one …
…and can no longer afford medical care, school and high rent….

Now they have finally received a council house in a safer location, but they will have to, within a month, incur expenses to
(a) putting shutters on 7 windows.
b) replace the windows that are unusable
c) redo the plumbing in the bathroom, including replacing the sanitary ware.
d) incur other expenses:

  • the June rent of the residence where I am now…
    • the remaining rent of the previous council house (otherwise they can not access the new house assigned to them).
      Within a month they will have to leave the flat where they are now (it will be used for tourists). The support will also be necessary for a few months to cover the expenses of moving into the new council house, with the hope that the father will soon find a more secure job.
      Thank you all for your attention and sensitivity… Your support, which you do with a sincere heart, will help to raise this family, whose suffering I personally share, and you will be an instrument of Divine Providence, which will surely not abandon us.
      If they do not manage to solve this problem they risk being left without a council house and almost certainly they will be deprived of their children and this will certainly cause lethal pain especially to the mother, as she herself confided to me… they are a very united family where the parents forget themselves because of the needs of their children, but this does not matter to the institutions.
      God bless you!

Here is the iban of the association Ora et Labora of San Benedetto del Tronto of which I am a volunteer.
IBAN IT53 Y087 6969 4700 0000 0058 862

IMPORTANT: for the reason for payment write for FAMILY IN NEED.

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