Evolve or repeat, let’s start to build a new Earth where the main currency is …. LOVE

By Alessandro Carosi

History is repeating itself and is in front of our eyes stronger then ever in a way that no one can turn their eyes on the other side, lessons not learned keep showing up heavier and heavier till we have no choice to face the issue and change, that’s what’s happening around the world, All of this is the lesson we all need as collective to learn from and grow spiritually, we are connected and unless we start helping each other we got no choice then suffer, to die is the easiest part but to live suffering no one want it, the time arrived to have the biggest revolution ever, the revolution of the Soul and only like this we can begin to build a New Earth, We now facing our worst nightmares, viruses spreading all around the world, the most powerful countries on the world on the verge of get into a global conflict and we now living in a virtual connected world where every news fly all around like never before every one knows what is happening everywhere, this crisis showing what really is deep inside the Souls of most of the world population and the greediest and most selfish part within ourselves is coming to the surface and we are facing the biggest opportunity in the recorded history, to evolve or repeat it all over again.

Let’s go within and change, let’s Love each other helping each other empowering everyone so that each of us can walk on this world with a smile knowing that no one will be ever alone, ever again.

We have been presented a wonderful chance to make heaven on earth so now we can chose, Love over hate …… to learn or to repeat it.

Let’s Love brothers and sisters, let’s love life, ourselves, our friends, our partners, our planet, animals, universe.

Let’s LOVE

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