There is no good side in this war, and there is no left side. The Russians are not the Soviet Union, the Ukrainians are not the partisans of the resistance

By Andre Red

There is no good side in this war, and there is no left side.

The Russians are not the Soviet Union, the Ukrainians are not the partisans of the resistance.

It is a dirty war of power between two imperialisms competing for future resources to exploit. In 1917, Lenin signed a separate peace to get out of the Great War by accepting huge territorial losses.

He did so because the war was not theirs: for the communists of the time, those fighting at the front were the proletarian class of the two warring factions who were slaughtering each other to defend the interests of the rich.

Since then, 105 years later, not much has changed. There is, however, a marked difference: there is an aggressor and an aggressed. There is a people, the Ukrainian people, who find themselves defending themselves because ‘literally’ there is nothing else they can do. The propaganda on both sides confuses us, does not allow us to know exactly the truth, does not let us know what is really going on.

For one part of the Russian people, they are the good guys. They are told this in every state media, every piece of information that comes to them is there to tell them that they are on the right side. The pacifist side is silent in spite of itself, for fear of harsh autocratic repression. For us, the Russians are the bad guys, and the good guys are the Ukrainians. We are the good guys.

Journalists in Ukraine are led to sell Ukrainian propaganda. And the truth is there, somewhere in the middle, hovering between ‘us and them’. The only real certainty we have is that there is a nation that has attacked a sovereign nation with a vehemence and determination bordering on cruelty.

And no matter how hard we try to find good justifications for this invasion, there are none. It is therefore pointless to do so. War is like that. Unjustifiable. Wherever it comes from. Human beings are obsessed with war, ever since the Iliad and the epic narrative extolling the courage and glory of heroes, which over the centuries has turned into a heroic catharsis, scattering monuments of beautiful soldiers defending their flag.

Nothing could be more untrue: war smell of piss in trousers, of faces disfigured by death, of tears and fear. War is hunger, violence against the weakest, it is injustice raised to normality. If we taught this at school, if we were not so indulgent with our children when they ask us to buy them ‘toy soldiers’. If we had no shame and told them the truth about war right away: that it is something decided by rich old men who, in order to become even richer, send poor young men to die… they would hardly ever go to fight it when they grow up.

But when it is the bombs that are talking, when the cannons, the planes, the tanks become the absolute protagonists of the scene, the most difficult thing is to succeed in silencing them. Our commitment, in my humble opinion, must be in the firm certainty that this war must be stopped. Before it widens, intensifies and worsens. With the extreme consequences that this could have. All the rest is propaganda and empty words. And unfortunately many, too many innocent deaths that cloud the minds of those involved, especially those who have been attacked, who demand revenge for their dead, who demand justice for the massacres, but who above all want peace and the chance to decide their own future.


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