A small donation for a family in need

By Ivo Gabrielli

Hello dear friend…

I am a volunteer of the association

  • Servants of Mary Mother of God and Our –

I wanted to send you a personal message, but I didn’t have the chance, but consider it as if I had written it just for you.
I am a volunteer who devotes himself almost 24 hours a day to those who suffer. I want to speak to you with my heart in my hand and many tears that are wetting my soul:
I am experiencing a moment of desperation for a family with children I have known for 10 years….
They have serious problems that are making me suffer deeply, but Jesus tells us:
There is nothing GREATER than giving your life for your friends.
they have three problems that make them unique in their pain:

  • the three children have serious illnesses, but still no pension.
    -the father lost his job almost a year ago due to covid
  • they have been bullied and have been running away from the council house where they live.
    Now they have finally received one, but they have to pay a lot of expenses (about 7-8000€).

I’ll send you a list of their main needs:

  • a car for work for mum and dad and to take the children with many chronic and important illnesses to make very frequent (two or three times a week) visits many kilometres away.
  • 50€ per month for supplements for mother and daughter’s severe sickle cell anemia.
  • 200€ a month for various expenses that they can’t get with the associations’ package.
  • In the future, to try to stop the advance of their (mother and children) retinitis pigmentosa, which is not curable at the moment, the hospital in Ancona has been prescribed a stay of a few days in a clinic in Naples.
    This requires a considerable economic effort.
  • Supporting expenses for the children’s school.

I’ve asked associations and organisations, friends and relatives… but now I have to expand the network because there are so many expenses.
I thought that since I have so many friends, both real and virtual, on social media, if each one of us with good will and great sensitivity were to put some small drops … according to my opinion … in freedom,
…according to our possibilities, we could save this family together, because they risk losing their council house and finding themselves homeless, and we must try to avoid this for sick children, whom I have followed and follow personally.
I ask your good heart for a drop to make a small ocean to raise this family full of trials. God will give us credit for it. And I ask you also and above all to pray a lot for them. Thank you

Here is the iban (Postepay Evolution in the name of Ivo Gabrielli)


IT 08 I 03 26 8 24 400 05 23 68 18 69 80

IMPORTANT: write for the reason for the payment write for FAMILY IN NEED

Or the postepay number

4023 6009 7906 1456

which I have created especially for them. I only ask for a grace… Maybe an answer anyway … Because it makes me happy to know that you have read the message I wrote with all my heart and my sincere pain. You can also contact me on 338 16 11 201 (Ivo) for further explanation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the Lord bless you!!!

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