The World in Faces by Alexander Khimushin

By Alexander Khimushin

Let me introduce Kashet Mubarak-Ulyi, 65, a Mongolian Kazakh. Kashet was born and has been living all his life in a small village of Akhchi, Altantsögts Sum, Bayan-Ölgii Province, Western Mongolia. His parents moved to these places in 1937 from neighboring Xinjiang (Autonomous Region of China), when Uighur uprising erupted in the area. These days Kashet is a retiree, long time ago in his childhood he was a shepherd, then learned to become blacksmith, as all the men in his family have been hereditary blacksmiths for centuries. Local people consider Kashet a good master of all metal works, he can make almost everything from metal: from small silver jewelry ornaments (like those he decorated his belt in the photo with) to huge monumental sculptures. About a decade ago, he went to Ulaanbaatar, where he was invited to work on Tsonjin Boldog, Chinggis Statue – he forged a sword. This statue is the largest of the monuments of Genghis Khan in Mongolia and the largest man-on-horseback sculpture in the world. Kashet is very proud that his sword is now in the hand of the greatest Mongol in the history. Kashet and his wife raised five children, three of whom remained to live in their native village. By a common tradition of this region, their youngest son with the family lives with the parents. On my question what trait of a character is the most important Kashet answered: “To be kind to all people around” To my question that he would like to wish all the people of the world who will see his photo Kashet said: “May they all live in peace and harmony…” ❤️🤲🙏🌏 — in Mongolia.

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