The planet Earth is infected by a virus called HUMAN….

By Alessandro Carosi

I’m 40 years old and lived in San Benedetto del Tronto for 27 years, then once a year I come back to visit family and friends, what I have seen today walking through my hometown pier I never seen it before, whatever we want to believe about what is going on within our planet we can’t deny that something wrong is happening and a change is needed, the waves are literally destroying the pier trying to coming above and below of it, the power of the sea is scary and slowly is taking back the pier, that I can remember I never seen something like this, I lived in London for almost 6 years and the city is getting hotter and hotter, is time that we understand that :


We need to change drastically our approach toward the environment and is time to teach our kids to respect the nature so that when they will become adults will be able to teach their Kids so that we can save this planet and ourselves.

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