Always Griffith

By Alessandro Carosi

Memories are a mix of places and people but people are the one to leave the best or the worst memories, this is a collection of some of the characters that are part of my Griffith adventure

This guy was part of some criminal organisation in Griffith providing jobs (cash in hand) and accommodations for people working in the farms
Their company and joyfulness made my stay in Griffith a happier experience
With some of them I still keep in touch even after 13 years
The house we lived was made up of 2 rooms and over 10 people, the people in charge of this shit business in Griffith made a lot of money out of people like us
So many people and so many stories, many lives, many Masters
He was from Spain or Chile I don’t remember but what I remember is that he was a really lovely guy
The desolation of some parts of Griffith’s landscape was actually romantic and magical
Nature and Australia was a magical combination that was meant to be at that point of my life

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