Time to shift

By Alessandro Carosi

Lately synchronicities are happening more often then usual, I don’t know if is just me or more people feel the same, I think about something and it show up, only as messages or images, I feel like my inner Soul have been recharged somehow and I feel is all linked with my latest decisions about my future.

My disconnection and it feels to be the right word to describe how I feel toward what we call reality and that I don’t see it any longer as it is increasing day by day, if I saw people before I now seeing energy, conscious that is what we are, energy filling up a body, not interested in the everyday life, bars, hanging outs or anything else then just returning home and get together with other Souls, I have seen so many evidences of this being just energy and connections then to bother to go trough life in the same way as before, what I like to know is if this universe have been created just for me to grow like Andy Weir wrote in his book “The Egg” or collectively Souls joining together this journey for a collective learning.

I’m shifting to something else greater then me and maybe is time to read “The Artist’s way” as advised by that Fortune teller a while ago on the narrow boat in North London, I have this strong need to reunite with important Souls in my life just don’t have the right info at this moment, while writing more synchronicities show up like to confirm what I’m saying, I believe that those occurrences are the universe way to tell me I’m on the right path, all I know that there is more to what we call reality is something big, really big is going to happen just don’t know exactly what is but feeling is gonna be something wonderful for many people

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