What is crazy and what is not

By Alessandro Carosi

If one person talk by himself alone is crazy, if 1 million people pray and talk to a sculpture are religious
Here the question, that person and those people are all crazy? or are all normal? Someone explaining me the difference 


  1. Everything depends on the context. One is crazy or not according to the environment, to the other people. Judgment comes from the outside… It’s always sad when no one ever tells us that truth isn’t real, that it is just a construction. That we don’t have to fit into what society and our past beliefs want us to be. I hope you are well Alex!


    • Hi Santiago

      I’m really good thank you

      Society is a human made up system and different cultures has different believes, I don’t judge religions or people that talk to imagery or invisible friends
      What I would like is a society without judgments and free for each of us to be who we really want to be, I believe we are heading in that good direction but are baby steps but still steps ahead to a brighter future


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