An out of body experience story from London

By Alessandro Carosi

I was at work and a customer heard me talking about parellel universes and the theory behind that so interested he expressed his opinion and come out with the thought about that maybe everything is only a dream so I felt compelled to tell him …… what if in deep meditation I can hear spirits talking to me so that we can get deeper in the rabbit hole but he wanted to go even deeper and that’s when his story begins …..

He was in coma years ago and while in that state he had a dream or he think he had a dream but what I think might have happened is that he had a near death experience, he recall to have doctors coming in his room asking to move his hands and he move his arms and hands up and down but doctors have no reactions to him shouting trying to get their attention, he says that doctors come in his hospital room quite few times asking the same question to show them moving his hands but when he would it was like they could not see him, he would shout and move up and downs hands and arms but nothing, when he woke up from his coma and asked the doctors why they said nothing to his shouting and moving his hands the doctors told him that yes they come in the room but he would not moving except a little bit his fingers.

He tells me that while “dreaming” he felt alive like in real life and that all the surroundings was real like in everyday life but only when he come out from coma doctors could actually notice his presence and that’s why he assumed to be in a dream but after that not being sure any longer if what we call reality is actually real and that maybe he still dreaming.

For me is clear that he had an out of body experience but he wasn’t aware of it, he left his body and didn’t realise it but it explain why doctors couldn’t see him moving and shouting cause when you are out of your body you vibrate to a different frequency then when you are on your body and only who is on that frequency can see it.

While we are on Earth playing something called life not knowing why we could be anything, someone else dream, a virtual game played by others, a dream of ourselves and we could go on and on and on …….

People that had a near death experience claim that once they are in the other side they remeber why we come to Earth and is to learn lessons and grow spiritually but when asked ……. If the maker is all knowing why it needs to create us a less perfect Soul ?? All they can say is that they only know that has to be done and they feel compelled to do it so that throw in the bin the free will theory, anyway the story my customer told me is now part of this blog and the ocean of witnesses of the …… most important thing ….. questioning and questioning our existence.

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